Is Personal Training a sustainable business model?

After conducting several interviews with some of the top PT's in South Africa, I uncovered some intriguing insights as to both the joys and the challenges these professional trainers have to face on a daily basis. In this post, I plan to share these findings and answer the question if a career as a Personal Trainer is a sustainable business model.

Lets look at some of the benefits of being a PT

I believe people are attracted to this career for a number of reasons. Working as a personal trainer, you have the opportunity to help people transform their lives by guiding them on becoming fitter, stronger and healthier. This is hugely satisfying ​and possibly the primary driver why people chose this industry as their profession.

Another benefit of becoming a PT coach is that one gets to own and manage their own business. A PT coach effectively answers to himself/herself and nobody else and this is particularly ​favored by people ​with an entrepreneurial spirit who have no desire to work in the corporate sector.

Colin - Digital Marketing Consultant

Colin is an experienced consultant working in the health and fitness industry specifically with Personal Trainers. Colin's primary goal is to help PT's exponentially increase their income, work less hours and reduce stress by implementing digital strategies that WORK.